May 2, 2011

Hat Pins.....

All the talk of the Royal Wedding and the hats made my friend Sam think of those wonderful hat and corsage pins appearing on cards, so she decided to host a swap for them.  Below I have two prototypes for my spots in the swap. 

What do you think??? Would you use them on a card, or should I try again for something more spectacular?

These are long pearl ended pins that I have had for ages and used in paper piercing for embroidery cards.  I had loads of them, so decided to use them if possible.  The coin is a US Dime and the end peices to stop the pin from being a danger are handmade using a bead within a bead and stoppered with silicone to make a secure end piece.

The pin on the left has wire wrapped around the beads and pin and a butterfly attached and each bead is adhered to the pin for stability.

The pin on the right has a heart charm attached with a double loop to the pin and a bead threaded and adhered to the pin.



Betty Townsend said...

Hey Lauren,
These look great. I'll take pictures of the ones I made and put on my blog later. I love the charms!

April said...

I really like these Lauren. I would definitely use them on cards, pages, hmmm - even on a lapel!

Great inspiration for me!

Sam said...

loVe them Lauren!!!

~Paola~ said...

****Beautiful and Stunning!****

you are soooooooooooooo very talented my dear aussie friend:o)
I wish I could make things with beads but I am totally helpless in this area...LOL

Cheryl O said...

They look great to me, and perfect for a card.

Found your blog via SCS... funny how you can find someone so similar to you across the world! I have just one cat, don't golf well either, but enjoy it; and of course love our paper crafts! We even have our top two movies in common. Continue to have fun on your "paper journey" as well.....