Mar 11, 2011

Finished Mosaic Project

OK, I did say the following week, so am only a week late putting this up for you.

I am so happy with this project, loved cutting and nibbling the tiles to make the pattern. Corrine is a wonderful and patient teacher, thank you so much.

Yes this may well have created a monster, I loved it so much. Had to go and buy fantastic round cutters (the best and dearest of course). Went over to Terrace Tiles and they have such a great selection of glass tiles.

I think my next project will be made using the glass I have in the shed, the glass that was cut and leftover from leadlighting days..... Doncha just love it when you can recycle something like that?


1 comment:

April said...

This is a beautiful project. I love that you do multiple crafts well!! I must wonder what you are going to do with your finished project?