Jun 14, 2011

Crochet Flowers

Many years ago my grandmother taught me to crochet, and I have many examples throughout my home.  Now I thought I would make some little flowers for cards, as I see them everywhere and just love them.

Woo Hoo aren't they georgeous??? There are 3 singles of each colour and a double in each of the colours and a single silver ring in!!  These are being sent to Betty for the Fancy Folds Swap as a Hostie Gift.

The flowers are made with the following pattern.

  • Knitting yarn 5ply or Crochet Cotton 5ply
  • Crochet Hook, size 2.5  or 3
  • Yarn needle
  • Assorted beads

Bottom layer or single flowers:
Chain 5, slip stitch to join. Ch 2, make 15 double crochet in the ring, slip stitch to join.
*Single crochet into the next stitch.  Make 6 double crochet in the next stitch .(petal formed). Miss one stitch and then repeat from * to make a total of 5 petals, slip stitch to join, and fasten off.

Top layer for double flowers or single flowers:
Chain 2, make 5 single crochet in the 2nd stitch from the hook, slip stitch to join. In the next stitch, make *1 single crochet, 3 double crochet, 1 single crochet, (petal formed). Repeat from * to make a total of 5 petals, slip stitch to join and fasten off. 

Stack the top layer over the bottom layer, and sew together. Sew a cluster of beads of your choice in the center.



Carol W said...

These are beautiful Lauren...great you have a pattern for them (I'm not a very good but have been attempting to You are a multi-talented lady...and a good one at that...great job my friend....♥♥♥

MiamiKel said...

Lauren, these are STUNNING!! I absolutely adore them - beautiful work, you are so very talented! I have a couple of these sent to me by Carol, too! I treasure them they are beyond breathtaking and such a joy, they are to grace a scrappage one day soon! GORGEOUS work, sweetie! x0x0

Maxx and Boo said...

Super! I too crochet and do enjoy it. I have wanted to do these flowers just haven't gotten around to it. I think tonight as I watch a little TV, I will give these a try. Thanks for the gentle push!!

craftingcottage said...

Thanks so much for this Lauren! I just made my first flower using your great pattern! Thanks!!
Lisa :)