Oct 27, 2011

Embellishment Making....

Hi Everyone!!

This would be my favourite part of papercraft, the making of the little embellishments.  I just love making things myself and really love the journey rather than the destination.  Strange that.

 These little guys are just gorgeous, love my Oriental supplies.  Usually I am so hesitant to cut any of my Yutzen papers, I just love looking at them and touching them, they are so beauiful and the feel of the papers is so special.  But my friend Paola is having an all things Oriental Swap so I decided I needed to cut!!  I will be doing a tutorial on how to make these little guys soon.

 Stickpins are my newest passion and I have about 50 made ready to use.  These ones are for a swap with Sam, she started this addiction.  I cannot make a card lately without a pin on it somewhere!!

Lace flowers are so very delicate and pretty.  These are made with scraps and smallish pieces of lace and ribbon, etc.  Pretty aren't they?

I saw some Prima raffia flowers and thought 'I can make those'.  Well these are not like the Prima ones at all, I cannot believe I thought I could make them like those.  But these are pretty, and so easy to make.

Now you know what I do between making cards.  I love to have loads of supplies and this passion helps me have heaps on hand.

Have fun and play soon.


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craftingcottage said...

Lauren your Hat Pins are the best!!! I love every single one of them and the lacy flowers are perfect in every way!!! I will be driving you crazy this weekend with loads of questions on how to make them... I can't wait to give it a try! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! :)
Lisa :)