Jan 5, 2012

The Story Begins.....

Hey Everyonne!! Cooler day here in paradise, lovely breeze and clouds made for a wonderful day working and then creating!!

Ok so I made a card for the new Alphabet Challenge Round 3 on SCS.  It is hosted each week by Dellsdani and she mixes it up sometimes. This time we have to write a story and the first one is a story with lots of the letter A, next week will be continue the story with the letter B, oh boy I cannot write stories.  So.....
An Angel, attired in aquamarine, flew above the Antarctic in an aeroplane to see the abundant animals.

For a non-story teller, this seems a reasonable start, and the card fits in with the aeroplane over the Antarctic peaks (self-made digi stamp) with punched penguins frollicking about.  Ok use your imagination, maybe a boy would like this for his birthday.

Now I hope you get to make something soon.


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Anonymous said...

Wow Lauren! 3 Posts in one day AND you had to work as well! I am totally impressed! Love your cards today and all the beautiful colors you used!!:)