Dec 28, 2011

Giving Donna Handbag Envy

Hi Everyone,

Don't faint, yes this is my second blog for today!!  So please scroll down to see the other post.

I have been threatening to make some cute little handbags since Donna and Lisa tweaked my interest in them. Now I have Donna with Handbag Envy and Lisa is going to make some tomorrow.  I am so fired up about them I am making some other ones too.  So keep tuned!!

Both of these handbags were made from original templates from Becky at Inking Idaho. This one was quick and easy and I copied it as per the photos.  Really easy to make and I didn't even read the recipe. Very cute and big enough to hold a 3x3 gift card and some goodies.

This one was a little bit trickier as I made a couple of adjustments to the template and added the pretty corners and top trim.  I love this one, in my favourite colours.... I just love green and brown together. This one would hold a 2 x 3 card and many more goodies. 

Hope you like my first efforts at some gift card handbags, they are so cute.



April said...

Oh, how lovely!!

I do {{LOVE}} my purses!! I too like the brown and green together, but tend to carry more bright colors IRL.

FM said...

Loverly!!!! When are you sending it here!!!!

Carol W said...

Wow, wow, wow, Lauren...I love these as have truly got a talent for paper crafting along with many others as well.... Great job!!!!

~Paola~ said...

oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! these are soooooooooo lovelyyyyy!♥
Love them both Lauren but my most favorite is the second one....soooo realistic looking too!
U are soooooooooooo good at 'paper-art'!! xox