Jan 6, 2012

Jane McGrath Pink

Hey Everyone, Second post for today, hope you don't get overloaded with too many cards!!

Yes I made this card from the inspiration gained when cricket fans decked themselves out in pink to support the McGrath Foundation day of the second Test at the SCG.

The McGrath Foundation was co-founded by Jane McGrath and her cricketing husband Glenn after Jane's diagnosis and initial recovery from breast cancer. 

So my pretty pink card is very feminine, birthday with all the usual items, like ribbon, bows, flowers pearls and flowers.  Lisa will love me.

Get inky or papery soon, you will love it!!



Suzy800 said...

Beautiful card Lauren!! I love the embroidered rose and your bead springs....great addition to the card. And of course a beautiful handmade rose and hat pin to round it all off. Nicely done!

FM said...

Lauren is getting inky good stuff!!!! Keep it up and send some my way!

Anonymous said...

God Lord Woman this card should be put in a frame and be hanging on my wall!! Yup... exactly.... I'm gonna rig a challenge and MAKE you send it to me LOL!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Lynn doesn't really want it... really she doesn't ;) Everything about this card is everything I love! Beautiful! :)