Jan 9, 2012

Welcome Tiny Precious Baby!!!

Hi Everyone, I had some very special news on Saturday, my friend had her little girl at 29 weeks, all is well, but our precious baby girl will be in special care for a while and she is tiny tiny.  Mum is doing well!!

This was very unexpected news, so I had to get crafting to make a little paper bag album in honour of this wonderful occasion.  All pink and sugary, sweet and special, with loads of ribbon, flowers, bling and precious girl sayings, soft and feminine to commemorate the biginning of her life.

Front cover gives an idea of what is to come, loads of flowers and loads of ribbon.  She is gorgeous you know, I have a pic of her, and she is more beautiful than the album.

Each page is decorated with special flowers, charms, bling and ribbon.  Each page has written words that are special to the occasion and the first few days after her birth.  And of course we need her vital statistics!! And her first photo!!

Of course we needed a special page for a photo with Mummy and another for a photo with Daddy, because I really feel she is going to be Daddy's Special Girl in time to come. Oh why wait she is now!!

And of course for a photo of her first bath.  I cannot tell you her name yet, I have not been told, but it will be as beautiful as she is.

And of course a family portrait is always needed, first of many to come I hope. I see this special bundle being loved and protected and perhaps a little spoilt?

Front Cover and back cover opened to see the whole outside at once.  The spine is held together with tied ribbon.  It really is a beautiful little keepsake.

A view from the top to see all the tags inserted in the pockets throughout the album. The tags are for her parents to write their thoughts on, and to write special messages to her. 

And a view of the album standing so you can see all the openings in the bags for her proud parents to store all those little keepsakes from her birth and first few days.  I told them to keep only everything and to photograph only everything.  You can never have too many photos or keepsakes, right?

Hope they like it..



FM said...

Awesome will be a gift to be treasured!

muscrat said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!!

Anonymous said...

Lauren, your friend is a very VERY lucky woman! This is shockingly gorgeous! I read your little story about it and I was SO touched! You put so much time and care into this gift, I know this will a keepsake that will be brought out to look at throughout this sweet baby's life. What an amazing gift... It is so wonderful of you to make such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. I'm amazed at how you posted it as well... Beautifully done... to be honest... this is the nicest blog post I have ever seen! Well Done my Friend! I love everything about this... so so so touching. *snif* What a feel good gift... you should be so proud :) Love it!
Lisa :) *hugs*

Suzy800 said...

OH MY GOODNESS Lauren, this is just so absolutely beautiful!!!! Just this album alone will be a very special treasure for this very special little girl. The time you would have put into creating this for them just shows how much you love this little tiny bundle. Lauren, there are almost no words for how lovely this is!


April said...

Just perfect! A beautiful creation for a newborn and her family!